Article Index

December 2014 Highlands Three-hour Shopping Spree How my family members’ shopping habits don’t overlap much.

November 2014 The Holiday Shuffle How the logistics of the holidays are mindboggling.

October 2014 The Tell-tale Blossom A little Highlands Halloween romance.

September 2014 Exchanging Plowshares for Polygons Summertime habits in the Highlands

July 2014 “The Not-so-serious Taxonomy of Pets”  The variable ranking of our household pets based on drama.

June 2014 “Who is Doing the Graduating Here?” Why we go over the top for our high school graduates.

May 2014 “Being a Mom, Seriously” The lighter side of the serious motherhood job.

April 2014 “A Little Trash Talk” Recycling, composting and trashing throughout the day.

March 2014 “Armed During Armageddon” When you raid your emergency stash in a non-emergency.

February 2014 “Brontosaurus, Starfish and Pluto” This isn’t your daddy’s education.

January 2014 “Getting Hit On By My Retailers” When stores try to get cozy with you.

December  2013 “Surprise! It’s Another Holiday Avalanche” When holiday mayhem routinely takes  you by surprise.

September 2013 “Boys — On Fire” Varying perceptions of fire amongst genders and ages.

July 30, 2013 “A Playpark of a Different Kind”: Duthie Hill mountain biking and skills park

June 26, 2013 “Raising the Curtain on the Highlands Cinema”: Regal comes to our ‘hood!

May 30, 2013 “What do Highlands Dads Really Want?” : A casual Fathers Day poll from your neighborhood Dads.

April 30, 2013 “Highlands Mother ‘Hood”: a tribute to all the moms in the Issaquah Highlands who have kept me on track

April 2, 2013 “Trash versus Treasure Tiffs Inherent During Relocation”: growth in the Highlands and the personalities behind a move

February 23, 2013 “Online and on the Ball“: the benefits of Facebook groups in the Issaquah Highlands

February 2, 2013 “A Standing Appointment“: Innovative attention-getting equipment for schools

December 9, 2012 “A Reel Good Time“: Celtic music entertains holiday craft fair attendees

December 8, 2012 “Traipsing Around Kirkland’s Cuisine“: Dishcrawl in downtown Kirkland

November 23, 2012 “An Overly Determined Turkey Tussle“: troubles in turkey preparations

November 16, 2012 “Tally Ho! Holiday Shopping Strategies“: how to survive downtown Bellevue during the holidays

November 16, 2012 “Cuisine Circuit at Bellevue Dishcrawl“: eating our way around Old Town

November 8, 2012 “Goats, Gauntlets and Hippies“: hiking the famous Kalalau Trail in Kauai

November 4, 2012 “Suburban Halloween – not for the socially introverted“: successfully celebrating Halloween in the Issaquah Highlands

October 4, 2012 “Driven to Yoga“: how to respond to Issaquah traffic in a flexible fashion

September 25, 2012 “Cozying up to Pigskin“: a rookie’s experience playing Issaquah football

September 12, 2012 “Aloha Quadriceps“: Issaquah training to hike the famous Kalalau Trail in Kauai

July 23, 2012 “Finding Middle Ground Between Minecraft and Geocaching“: summer survival in Issaquah

June 22, 2012 “Iron Espadrilles Disguised as Silver Slippers“: a severe underestimation of a fusion yoga class in Issaquah

June 15, 2012 “Spring Chicken“: meeting McNugget outside Issaquah’s Staples store

April 4, 2012 “Paradise Lost“: what happens when the adjacent vacant lot is sold


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